Staff Selection Policies

Staff SELECTION Policies
Monday Night Alive in Colington is currently staffed completely by volunteers. All volunteers
and paid staff (at such time as there may be a paid worker) working with children and youth at
Colington UMC’s Monday Night Alive in Colington tutoring program will be supervised by an
adult at least 21 years of age and at least 5 years older than the oldest youth tutor being
All volunteer and paid staff who work with children and youth at Monday Night Alive in
Colington will:
• Complete and sign an application and the related waivers giving permission to check
references and background information including a criminal background check.
• Individuals who have been convicted of physical or sexual abuse or neglect may not work
in any church-sponsored activity or program for preschoolers, children, youth or
vulnerable adults.
• Provide the names and contact information of 2 personal references.

Staff SUPERVISION Guidelines
Whenever supervising activities involving children and youth participating at Colington UMC’s
Monday Night Alive in Colington:
• Two non-related adults will be present at all times.
• Children and youth will be checked in to and out of a church sponsored activity by their
parent or legal guardian or people authorized by parent/legal guardian.
• They will have access to a telephone or cell phone during Monday Night Alive in
Colington programming (both in and away from the church).
• One-on-one interactions with children and youth will be with an open door and
visibility to all.
• All classroom and office doors will have a window or visibility from hallway or remain
open while occupied.
• If a suspected incident of child abuse or neglect occurs at or is revealed to a
volunteer/paid staff person during a Monday Night Alive in Colington program, the
adult in charge of the activity will insure the safety of the child or youth and will
o Call the church pastor or designee
o Call the County Office of Department of Social Services (DSS

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