Lay Leadership Report

Lay Leadership Report 2018


Administrative Council Chair                             Sherry Rollason

Admin Council Co-chair                                     Jean House

Charge Conference Recording Secretary            Debby Garber

Lay Leader                                                          Bill Sport

Lay Representative to Annual Conference         Bill Sport

Alternate Lay Rep                                               Ron Baxter

Admin Council Recording Secretary                  Debby Garber

Admin Council Members-at-Large                     Merinda Dehart, Betty Snow, Linda Sanborn

                                   Committee on Nominations and Lay Leadership: Chairperson – Pastor Teresa Holloway

                                   Lay Leader – Bill Sport

2018 Jean House, Stephanie Beasley, Betty Snow

2019 Sherry Johnson, Sharon Hildebrandt. Sondra Morgan

2020 Sherry Rollason, Sandy Albarty, Pam Thomas

Pastor Parish Relations Committee: Chair – Temple Heggie

2018 Mary Price, Ron Baxter, Linda Sanborn

2019 Temple Heggie, Trish Driscoll, JW Johnson

2020 Mary Scala,  Jeff Albarty,  Betty Snow

Trustees Committee:  Chairperson – Lettie Baxter

2018 Lettie Baxter, Robert Price, Terry Beasley

2019 Tim Driscoll, Bill Mathus, Ed House

2020 Mark Johnson, Robert Morgan, Jeffrey Carlisle

Finance Committee: Chairperson – Jean House

                        Pastor – Teresa Holloway

Lay Rep to Annual Conference –                  Bill Sport

Chairperson of the Admin Council –             Sherry Rollason

Pastor-parish relations chairperson or rep –   Temple Heggie

Trustees rep –                Lettie Baxter

Stewardship chair –    Pam Thomas

Lay leader –                  Bill Sport

Financial secretary –   Bill Sport

Treasurer –                    Tom Heggie

Members-at-Large     Rodney Midgett

NURTURE GROUP:                                          


          Disaster Response Coordinator:                    Ron Baxter

          Hospitality:                                                    Betty Snow, Evelyn Ireland    

          Communion Fellowship:                               Linda Sanborn, Gloria Perry

          Partners in Caring:                                       Merinda DeHart & Bill Sport

          Prayer Chain Coordinator:                           Temple Heggie by e-mail

          Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator:                      Merinda Dehart

          Single Women’s Group:                              Evelyn Ireland

          Audio-visual:                                              Tim Driscoll


                Nursery/Children’s Coordinator:            Betty Snow,  Merinda Dehart

                Music Director:                                      Ronda Robinson

              Altar Guild:                                           Linda Sanborn, Merinda Dehart, Debby Garber, Nancy Bond

                Head Usher:                                           Tom Heggie

                Greeters:                                               Betty Snow, Merinda Dehart, Bill Sport,    Sherry Rollason

              Acolyte Coordinators:                             Debby Garber, Merinda Dehart

              Donation Thank You Cards:                    Jean House

Outreach/ Missions Group:                  

          Missions:                                                    Temple Heggie

          Monday Night Alive @ Colington:              Debby Garber, Temple Heggie, Stephanie Beasley, Nancy Bond

          Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator:                 Rodney Midgett

          Mobile Food Pantry Administrator:              Tom Heggie/Sherry Rollason

          Beach Food Pantry Coordinators:                 Lettie Baxter

          WATCH D.O.G.S.:                                    Bill Sport

          United Methodist Women:                           Stephanie Beasley

          Visitor Response Cards:                               Trish Driscoll

          Birthday Cards:                                           Sherry Rollason

Witness/Evangelism Group:                

          Communications Coordinator:                      Rick Hildebrant

          Church Photographer:                                  Betty Snow

          Message Board:                                          Robert Morgan