Colington UMC Wedding Guidelines


United Methodist Church
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Kill Devil Hills, NC   27948
Church: 252-441-2661
Rev. Teresa Holloway
The Wedding Ceremony
God designed marriage for human friendship, for the procreation and upbringing of children, for human sexuality as the highest expression of intimacy and self-giving love, and for vital family life. It is a sacred act whereby God enters into a new relationship of love, companionship, and devotion with you and your mate. In marriage, promises are given, commitments are made, blessings are pronounced, and a new family unit if formed. We believe that only by God’s mercy and love, and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, will it succeed. We trust that you will seek as husband and tie to live in the spirit and the love of Jesus Christ.
We, therefore, believe that the wedding ceremony is first and foremost a service of worship. What more appropriate way to begin your life together than in God’s presence and with prayers for his blessing upon you, upon your families, and your friends Scriptures will be read that speak about the meaning of Christian marriage. Music will be selected generally because of its religious themes and appropriateness for worship. Your lives and relationship will be strengthened as you open yourselves to God’s presence and blessing.
Second, the wedding ceremony is uniquely yours. The service may include traditional elements that have been used for hundred of years, like the charges, the presenting of the bride, the exchange of vows and rings, and the pronouncement. But we encourage you to “personalize” your ceremony as you consider all its elements. For example, you might consider writing your own vows or involving family members in a variety of ways. Early in the premarital sessions, the minister, will give you a copy of the ceremony she uses along with other suggestions for making it uniquely personal.
No wedding will be considered on short notice.
The Minister’s Role
The role of the minister in your wedding is two-fold. First, the minister will guide you through a series of counseling sessions to a greater awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Involvement in pre-marital counseling is expected of all couples. The nature, number and the time commitment of these sessions will be discussed at the initial conference between you and the minister. You are expected to attend the Sunday worship service at church during your counseling sessions.
These sessions will be focus on important areas of marriage and family life, such as: communication, role expectations, finances and other practical aspects of married life, child-rearing, in-law relations, sexuality, religion, and issues unique to your relationship with each other. We encourage your openness, your honesty, your questions, your willingness to grow. We value this opportunity to get to know you better and to assist you in laying a firm foundation for life-long commitment to each other.
Second, the minister will assist you with the planning of the wedding. From the initial conference to wedding day, the minister makes herself available to provide ideas, resources, and support in order to fulfill your expectations and wishes for the service. Some time of each premarital session will be spent discussing every phase and detail of preparation.
The Pianist and Musicians
You are responsible for contracting the Church pianist (if needed) (name and phone number listed under personnel) as soon as possible after the initial conference with the minister. Confirm the date and time of the wedding and the rehearsal. The church pianist will discuss with you: pianist fees, musical selections (instrumental and/or vocal), other rehearsal times in addition to the wedding rehearsal (if needed). All music and activities must be cleared through the minister.
Other music notes: we generally require that music be appropriate for service of worship and consistent with Christian values and themes; possible exceptions are to be discussed with the minister and the pianist. The pianist and/or minister will assist you in the selection of music. The use of outside soloists is to be discussed with the pianist as well as arrangements made for rehearsals. Soloists set their own fees.
Wedding Coordinator
The minister will contract the wedding coordinator as soon as possible after the initial conference. The wedding coordinator will assist you in helping with preparing the sanctuary for the wedding, as well as assisting in many other details leading up to the wedding. Please communicate to her any special arrangements as related to flowers, candles/candelabra, pew decorations, guest register stand, Communion, etc. The wedding coordinator will be present for the rehearsal as well as the wedding.
We recommend that you handle your flower arrangements with the florist of your choice.
The professional code of ethics for church weddings prepared by the Professional Photographers of America recognizes that a wedding is a service of divine worship and should not be interrupted by picture taking. The only exceptions might be shots of the processional and the recessional. We suggest that your photographer visit the church in advance of the wedding in order to familiarize himself/herself with the facilities and, if necessary, to speak with the minister about special arrangements.
We allow video taping of the ceremony, provided the camera is set up on a tripod and placed in the rear of the church. We wish to avoid any movement which would distract the flow of the ceremony or take away from you as the center of attention. Please do not use any video cameras with bright lights.
Rice, Confetti, or Birdseed:
No rice, confetti, or birdseed is permitted on the premises, and you should so notify your guests accordingly.
We recommend that a rehearsal be scheduled in order to prepare you and the members of the wedding party for the ceremony. If it’s a weekend wedding, we normally have the rehearsal on Friday evening. All members of the wedding party (best man, maid/matron of honor, ushers, bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer, father of the bride, soloists/musicians, etc.,) are expected to be present at the rehearsal, which starts promptly at the appointed hour. The minister will handle the details and organization of the ceremony, assisted by the wedding coordinator.
Marriage License:
 (See information attached on marriage licenses.)
Please give the marriage license to the minister the night of the rehearsal. Also, please give the checks for the wedding fees to the minister on the night of the rehearsal.
Sanctuary - No Fee
Fellowship Hall - No Fee
Minister - donation is suggested
Pianist/Organist - to be discussed with the Pianist/Organist
Wedding Coordinator - $50.00
Custodian - $45.00 (cleaning of the sanctuary)
     - $90.00 (cleaning the sanctuary and hall)
Non-Members: A non-refundable $100 deposit is to be paid to the church (check should be written to Colington UMC in order to secure the wedding date on the calendar.)
Sanctuary - $100.00 (inclusive of deposit)
Fellowship Hall - $50.00 (inclusive of deposit) if needed
Minister - $500.00
Pianist/Organist-to be discussed with the Pianist/Organist
Wedding Coordinator - $50.00 (minimum)
Custodian - $45.00 (cleaning of the sanctuary)
- $90.00 (cleaning both the sanctuary and hall)
Other fees: (Optional)
Preparation of Wedding Bulletin (you provide covers) - $50.00
NOTE: All fees are to be paid on the night of the rehearsal.
We request separate checks, written to:
1) Minister;
2) Pianist/Organist;
3) Wedding Coordinator;
4) Colington UMC (includes fees for Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, Custodian and wedding bulletin).
Minister: Rev. Teresa C. Holloway – 252-441-5595
Wedding Coordinators: Contact the pastor


A marriage license can be obtained at any register of deeds office in the state of North Carolina. Outer Banks locations are: the Dare County Register of Deeds Office located in the Dare County Justice Center at 962 Marshall C. Collins Drive in Manteo (252) 475-5970; at the Currituck County offices on the Currituck mainland (252)232-3297 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm); or at the Hyde County Register of Deeds office in Swan Quarter (for Ocracoke weddings) at (252)926-3011.


1. The marriage license must be obtained from the register of deeds office. If the applicant is under 21, a birth certificate is required, and if the applicant has been divorced, proof of agreement is required. Applicants must also bring their Social Security Card or written proof of their Social Security number. The cost of the license is $50 (cash) and it is valid for 60 days after it is issued. There is no waiting period and a blood test is not required in North Carolina. The license is good for 60 days after it is issued.
2. In general, one must be 18 years of age to be married in North Carolina. Minors between 16 and 18 may marry with their parents or guardians consent. Anyone under 16 should call the register of deeds office. 2. Magistrates may be contacted in Dare County at (252) 475-5970, in Currituck County at (252) 232-3297 or for Ocracoke Island, call (252) 926-4198.
3. There must be two witnesses at any marriage ceremony, whether it is civil or religious. The minister or magistrate must sign the license, then return it to the register of deeds who issues the license. This is the official record of the ceremony. Certified copies of the certificate can be obtained from the office where the license was issued.