Guidelines for Students

Guidelines for Students and Their Parents/Guardians
Students for tutoring may arrive as early as 5:45 PM. Students coming from an after school
program should be signed in for tutoring no later than 6:20 PM. A light snack will always be
available for students arriving hungry.
Students complete their homework and have time for reading before dinner is served. Parents
are encouraged to have dinner with their child/children.

Students attending Monday Night Alive in Colington agree to:
1) sign in as soon as you arrive and wear a name tag when one is provided
2) go to your assigned table to meet with their tutor
3) be respectful and kind to all other students, all tutors, and adults
4) tell an adult immediately if they are hurt or feel sick
5) bring their homework assignments and worksheets to be completed during the tutoring
hour at Monday Night Alive

Parents/Guardians of children enrolled in Monday Night Alive in Colington agree to:
1) Provide accurate student information and update this information whenever there is a
change in any of the information forms they have completed.
2) Insure that your child has entered the building and is signed in for Monday Night Alive in
Colington between 5:45 PM 6:20 PM by either coming in with your child or, at a
minimum, watching your child enter the building. Do not ever leave your child in the
parking lot to enter the church unsupervised.
3) Pick up your child no later than 7:30 PM.
4) Your child must be picked up by one of the people listed on your child’s contact
information form unless you provide written notification regarding your child’s pick up
5) Whether coming in to sign your child in and leave or staying throughout the tutoring
session and dinner, be dressed appropriately to work with children in church. This means
no clothing printed or otherwise marked with profanity or any slurs or derogatory terms –
racial, cultural, gender, political. You will be expected to remove or cover up any
questionable attire with a Colington UMC T-shirt.
6) Tell someone working with Monday Night Alive in Colington if you or your child are
being hurt, frightened or bullied by any other person inside or outside of this program.

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